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Yolene has already carried out a few projects since she began her career in December 2020. First of all, she is represented in a contemporary art anthology book edition IV in Madrid since May 2021. She also had the chance to show a few works in Dubaï. She then took part in two international virtual exhibitions organized by a Milanese gallery which she was represented by. Finally, during her two years in Paris, she was represented there by a gallery in Montmartre, a restaurant on rue Caron and painted the front of a café . 



The Madrid Anthology artbook is a concept created by the organisation "Capital Culture House", imagined and conceived by Guto Ajayu. An artist curating his own galley and who wants to help and promote emerging artists. The Anthology artbook has been published for four years now and is then entrusted at the National library of Madrid. 



Exhibition of some works in Dubai 

Yolene also had the chance to exhibit a few artworks at the Dubai Radisson Blue Hotel in October 2021. Indeed, they weren't for sale because,  the hotel wasn't an art Gallery, however, it was a good way to touch this part of the world and get some visibilty there thanks to her art. 


Participation in two international virtual exhibitions in Fuerteventura 

Yolene has also participated in two international virtual exhibitions which took place between february and march 2022. She was then represented by the online milanese gallery M.A.D.S..  



Exhibition at Art21 Paris Gallery  

Yolene had also the chance to exhibit six artworks at Art21 Gallery located in Montmartre in Paris. From April 2022 until July 2022, she was able to get some visibility in this part of the city. 


Exhibition in a parisian restaurant 

Yolene have been lilving during two years in Paris. From 2020 until 2022. It is from May to July 2022 that 5 of her works were exhibited in a parisian restaurant. 



Painting a wall for a parisian café 

It is always during her life in Paris that Yolene did the painting of a wall for a café, located rue "Saint-Denis" in June 2022.  


Exhibition in a café-restaurant in Burgundy 

The latest project of Yolene is an exhibition with 13 works  which lasted from the 11th of january until the 13th of february 2023. The place that held it is "le Matilda", a place dedicated to art, muscic and food, located in Burgundy. 

fresque ok.jpg


Realization of a fresco 

Yolene recently ended her first fresco of 4mx2m. It represents six characters, from left to right : Louison, Chiara and Joseph, Louison and Arthur and Myriam doing her nails are either getting ready to go to a cultural event, either chilling. 


Exhibition at 'La Maison des ateliers' in Mâcon

Yolene just ended an exhibition which lasted from the 13th of May 12th until July 12th 2023. 18 works were exhibited in this place dedicated to wine tasting, wellness, learning gastronomic cuisine and private events. 



Realization of a serie of clay sculptures 

Serie 'Premiers visages' is a clay sculpture serie composed of 5 pieces, mounted on black metal pedestals realised between May and July 2023. They are painted with acrylic and varnished. 

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