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The first series of self-hardening clay statuettes I made was from May to June 2023. No tools were used to shape these faces. It is entitled ‘First Faces’ and is above all a first experience of clay modeling. The bases are made of black metal.
The fact that this series is the first of these statuettes pushed me to start modeling them with the idea of making a face to paint. 
The final result, stylistically, could be thought of as the statues of Easter Island or the sculptures of Ousmane Sow. A place and an artist who despite everything, are real models technically speaking.
The way they were painted: with geometric shapes, colored and whose contours are underlined in black or white, gives them a modern and contemporary side that contrasts with their rather primitive expression. This is also what it is called “First Faces”, because these are the first faces that I model, but also because they are curiously reminiscent of the ‘First Faces’ depicted of humanity.



Sculpture n°1

Ended on May 19th 2023.

H21cm X l 10cm X L 5cm

165 euros. 


Sculpture n°2

Ended on May 30th 2023.

H24,5cm X l 9cm X L 9cm

165 euros. 



Sculpture n°3

Ended on June 7th 2023,

H24,5cm X l 9cm X L 9cm

165 euros. 


Sculpture n°4

Ended on June 8th 2023,

H24 cm X l 7cm X L 4cm

165 euros. 



Sculpture n°5

Ended on June 8th 2023,

H27cm X l 7cm X L 5cm

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